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Sue Revell and Sherry Bevan talk about being on the tipping point of success. We share what drives us, what inspires us, our learnings and challenges in our work as leadership coaches.

Why ‘On The Tipping Point’? Because we regularly work with clients who tell us that they are ‘so close’, they can feel or smell success – or maybe even touch it. We’ve been there too! The more we thought about it, the more we realised there is a tipping point in every big decision and every big leap. So let’s find out more about what it takes to go beyond!

In each episode we pose some questions that take us through the four big steps of approaching and going beyond the tipping point. They are real questions for us as we grow our businesses, and we hope you will find they are real questions for you too. Do play along as you listen!

Jun 20, 2017


  • Where or how have you felt most alive this week?

Sue’s been challenged to make a stand for who she is, and Sherry has been inspired by history and promise in the captivating streets of London.  (00.56 – 08.40)

  • How have you been challenged?

Sue questions something that is common for her clients, and increasingly the subject of social media discussions too.  How do we help people to deal with overwhelm?  Whether it’s bombardment with information, swimming in our own thoughts and emotions, or the dastardly to-do list, it’s easy to feel paralysed unless we have some strategies in place to keep moving.  We’ve been there too and share some of the things we have found helpful.  (08.40 – 25.12)

  • Where are you building momentum right now?

The magic M word that takes us beyond the tipping point!  Sherry gets passionate about her research into diversity in law and the importance of creating great connections, and Sue is taking her work on helping people to discover their ‘zone of genius’ to a new level.  (25.12 – 30.25)

  • How have you been inspired this week?

We’ll be honest. We spent so long staying out of overwhelm that we completely forgot to share our inspiration in this episode! We’re leaving the question here for you though, because it’s an important part of getting past and staying past the tipping point!Do give it some thought before next time.

  • What else or what next?

In a final moment of reflection, we share what we noticed during the show. Sue will be topping up her collection of post-it notes, and Sherry is planning on keeping things simple.  (30.25 – 31.52)


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“The Tipping Point:  The time at which a change or an effect cannot be stopped”