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Sue Revell and Sherry Bevan talk about being on the tipping point of success. We share what drives us, what inspires us, our learnings and challenges in our work as leadership coaches.

Why ‘On The Tipping Point’? Because we regularly work with clients who tell us that they are ‘so close’, they can feel or smell success – or maybe even touch it. We’ve been there too! The more we thought about it, the more we realised there is a tipping point in every big decision and every big leap. So let’s find out more about what it takes to go beyond!

In each episode we pose some questions that take us through the four big steps of approaching and going beyond the tipping point. They are real questions for us as we grow our businesses, and we hope you will find they are real questions for you too. Do play along as you listen!

Aug 2, 2018


Where or how have you felt most alive this week?

Sue’s been to a rescheduled International Women’s Day event and been inspired by the three ‘celebrity’ speakers who very openly shared the personal stories and challenges that lay behind their individual and unique achievements – particularly the topic of navigating ‘difference’ in the world today.

Sherry, as usual, has been out and about continuing her training, being inspired by nature. It’s definitely her space for not only getting creative but also for finding inner peace in her day and week.  (01.30 – 7.06)

How have you been challenged?

Crikey – we cover some ground in this episode! We follow on from our last podcast where we talked about setting big hairy audacious goals, and look at how to set ourselves up for success. We briefly revisit some of the key points in goal setting, as an essential component in achieving success, and also look at how we recognise the gap between where we are and where we want to be, and what we can do to move us on! 

Sherry shares how she has really been examining her goals, since our last conversation, and critically appraising whether or not her proposed actions will truly move her closer to the goal.  We also explore the importance of balance in achieving our most amazing life so that it’s not all about work! We conclude by sharing our own personal top tips for being confident in who we are and achieving success in what we do – drawing on our personal, corporate and entrepreneurial experience. (07.07 – 40.45)

** Regrettably, due to Sherry’s recent health news and surgery, we have had to postpone our next event until 2019. Watch this space for other possibilities to work with us during the autumn!

So where are you building momentum right now?

As we keep saying, momentum is critical in getting past the Tipping Point. Sue has completed the  Mission Map (and here’s another shout out for Alison Jones who sneaks into almost every episode!) for her Mission Unstoppable programme – bringing together the core skills that change makers and legacy leavers need, to be their best selves in leading their mission. 

Sherry is continuing work on her Career Confidence Hub and is looking forward to gathering feedback from prospective clients before getting ready for the big launch later this year. (40.46 – 46.14) 

How have you been inspired this week?

Sue’s been inspired, at the funeral of a very good friend, by a poem about ‘the dash’ that represents the life lived, in between a person’s year of birth and year of death. An incredibly powerful challenge when we stop to consider the meaning of a simple hyphen when it is used to signify the meaning of our life.  

Sherry’s been inspired by Vicky Warr, one of her fellow master-minders, who has completely re-recorded every video in her daily online fitness programme, to better meet the needs of her clients – such consistency and resilience!  (46.15 – 50.32)

What else or what next?

Sue shares one of the key messages from the women’s event she mentions at the beginning of the pod – to keep on looking forward, focussing on what you have yet to do, not what you may not yet have achieved.

Sherry commits to looking after herself more and to keep on doing so! (50.33 – 53.25)


Here are the resources and opportunities referenced in this week’s show:

Confidence – Your Ultimate Guide to Finding it and Living It by Barbara De Angelis

Also available:

On The Tipping Point LIVE! The Boxset of episodes from our virtual conference.


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“The Tipping Point:  The time at which a change or an effect cannot be stopped”