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Sue Revell and Sherry Bevan talk about being on the tipping point of success. We share what drives us, what inspires us, our learnings and challenges in our work as leadership coaches.

Why ‘On The Tipping Point’? Because we regularly work with clients who tell us that they are ‘so close’, they can feel or smell success – or maybe even touch it. We’ve been there too! The more we thought about it, the more we realised there is a tipping point in every big decision and every big leap. So let’s find out more about what it takes to go beyond!

In each episode we pose some questions that take us through the four big steps of approaching and going beyond the tipping point. They are real questions for us as we grow our businesses, and we hope you will find they are real questions for you too. Do play along as you listen!

Nov 1, 2017


  • Where or how have you felt most alive this week?

It’s all about the power of networking for us both this week! Sue has felt most alive whilst having fun, being the MC at the Zokit Business Expo in Cardiff. Her first time as MC, it took a little while to realise that it’s not so different to coaching – helping people to get the most out of their experience!

Sherry has been having fun whilst networking at the UK Document Excellence Group which she used to chair, and has enjoyed sharing knowledge with and being of service to old and new connections. (01.30 – 08.12)

  • How have you been challenged?

This week we explore Resistance – a natural sequel to our recent episode (007) on Being in Flow. We consider how to recognise resistance, what resistance might mean, how and when resistance manifests itself in us and how to respond and deal with it. 

What becomes possible for us when we face our resistance, and what are the consequences for ourselves (and others) when we don’t? In resistance lies personal vulnerability, yet also deep personal growth. 

We share our personal experience of working through resistance and being prepared to lean in and love our resistance in order to go past the tipping point and achieve our potential.  (08.13 – 30.00)

  • So where are you building momentum right now?

As we keep saying, momentum is critical in getting past the Tipping Point! Sue has launched a new one-to-one short coaching programme (Discover Your Zone of Genius) for ambitious professionals who want to understand how they do their very best work, and learn how making small adjustments can really accelerate performance to create maximum impact.  The Flow Challenge on speed!

Following on from the LinkedIn Challenge, Sherry is running her LinkedIn Confidence programme. She’s also hugely excited launching her City Conversations which starts 29 November in London (in the City, obvs!). It’s all about having fun, creating interesting conversations and  connections, enjoying some group coaching – and you get to have dinner together too!! (30.01 – 36.40)

  • How have you been inspired this week?

Sue’s been on the Uncontained Retreat, an extraordinary experience created in stillness and silence, run by David Taylor – a fellow coach, based in Yorkshire. An intense and very inspiring experience which she is still processing. 

Sherry’s inspired by a presentation at the network she mentioned at the top of the programme, where a once seemingly impossible concept has finally been implemented after many years of persistence! Keep on keeping on, folks!  (36.42 – 43.03)

  • What else or what next?

Sue finishes with one final quote from Goethe: “Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, magic and power in it. Begin it now.”  

Sherry also ends with an inspiring quote from the book “Spike” by Rene Carayol: “We can either wait for our world to change, or be part of the change by believing in and acting positively with our spikes at full throttle.” Alison Kervin  (43.05 – 44.50)


Here are the resources and opportunities referenced in this week’s show:

UK Document Excellence Group (UKDEG) 

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield.

Spike by Renee Carayol.

Find out more about Sherry’s City Conversations, <<HERE>>.

Find out more about Sue’s Discover Your Zone of Genius programme, <<HERE>>.


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“The Tipping Point:  The time at which a change or an effect cannot be stopped”