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Sue Revell and Sherry Bevan talk about being on the tipping point of success. We share what drives us, what inspires us, our learnings and challenges in our work as leadership coaches.

Why ‘On The Tipping Point’? Because we regularly work with clients who tell us that they are ‘so close’, they can feel or smell success – or maybe even touch it. We’ve been there too! The more we thought about it, the more we realised there is a tipping point in every big decision and every big leap. So let’s find out more about what it takes to go beyond!

In each episode we pose some questions that take us through the four big steps of approaching and going beyond the tipping point. They are real questions for us as we grow our businesses, and we hope you will find they are real questions for you too. Do play along as you listen!

Nov 8, 2017


Where or how have you felt most alive this week?

Sue has had a wonderful day working with a new client who had booked the I Gotta Be Me Intensive Coaching Experience and, because he is an actor, Sue had arranged for the Experience to take place in the iconic Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama – an inspirational venue that Sue has hankered after working in for a little while now! 

Sherry has two experiences to share – a Rock ‘n’ Roll wedding where she was keen to continue her exploration of being in flow using dance, and also a fabulous day at her latest Fresh Air Networking event exploring both the beauty of autumn and the creative thinking that being in nature can inspire. (01.42 – 07.26)

How have you been challenged?

This week we explore Leaning In. What does it mean? Why is it important that we do and how exactly does it help us?  How do we do it – what’s the process?  We share our experience of leaning in, both in our former careers (particularly in the recruitment process) and now in building our businesses. 

We discover so many facets to leaning in – the strength in authenticity and self belief, the fear of imposter syndrome, the need for alignment between understanding what we do and what we are capable of, and owning who we really are and who we are becoming.  (07.27 – 35.30)

So where are you building momentum right now?

As we keep saying, momentum is critical in getting past the Tipping Point!  Sue shares some personal insights from the silence & stillness retreat she attended recently (mentioned in the last episode) and, as a result, is launching the ‘We’re Not F*cking Small’ Tribe, a coaching group for women who are ready to stand out, and are looking to make 2018 an extraordinary year. 

Sherry has given up on procrastinating (Imposter Syndrome Be Gone!) and has a confirmed venue and date for launching her City Conversations Network! If you’re in or around London on 29th November – make sure you join her!  (35.31 – 42.12)

How have you been inspired this week?

Sue’s been inspired by one of the Find Your Flow Challengers, Louise Wiles, who wants to apply her learning and experience from the Flow Challenge to her own community. Louise is an expert in helping expats and their families to thrive abroad, and wants to introduce the model used in the Flow Challenge to her clients because it has such powerful application in managing change and transition. (Sue will be two timing Sherry and appearing on Louise’s podcast early in 2018!)

Sherry has had a wonderful time interviewing at a local 6th form school to help students practice their interview skills ahead of making university applications.  She was impressed not only by how articulate the students were in their applications and interviews, but also their individual ability to accept and acknowledge the feedback offered. (42.12 – 46.45)

What else or what next?

Our big WHAT NEXT this week is our fast approaching on-line conference!  On The Tipping Point LIVE starts on Monday 27th November and runs for two weeks until Friday 8th December.  We have some amazing business women and entrepreneurs joining us to share their personal stories of getting past the tipping point to success in their careers and business.  To join us, sign up here.


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“The Tipping Point: The time at which a change or an effect cannot be stopped”