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Sue Revell and Sherry Bevan talk about being on the tipping point of success. We share what drives us, what inspires us, our learnings and challenges in our work as leadership coaches.

Why ‘On The Tipping Point’? Because we regularly work with clients who tell us that they are ‘so close’, they can feel or smell success – or maybe even touch it. We’ve been there too! The more we thought about it, the more we realised there is a tipping point in every big decision and every big leap. So let’s find out more about what it takes to go beyond!

In each episode we pose some questions that take us through the four big steps of approaching and going beyond the tipping point. They are real questions for us as we grow our businesses, and we hope you will find they are real questions for you too. Do play along as you listen!

Sep 2, 2017

In the show …

  • Where or how have you felt most alive this week?

We discover that we’re still learning something new about each other in each episode… although it’s possible we already knew that we’re both obsessed with excellence!  Sue’s been out of her comfort zone, two-timing Sherry and guesting on another Podcast to preview the US Open Tennis Grand Slam with two other tennis writers. 

Sherry not only confesses her not-so-secret passion for collecting sea shells, but also reveals she has a bit of a thing for planes! Or is it rockets, Sherry?!  (01.32 – 07.12)

  • How have you been challenged?

This week we consider the importance of team purpose. Whether you’re a freelancer creating a team to deliver on your behalf, or a line manager/project manager in a large organisation who needs your team to deliver on your personal or organisational objectives, having a common purpose is critical to achieving success.

We explore some of the tensions and dilemmas inherent in bringing a team of experts together, as well as the benefits and opportunities of working with a great team.  We also examine the difference between setting expectations and creating agreements with the team (see Shift Your Mind: Shift The World chapter 42). If you don’t know the difference between ‘list’ and ‘story’ people in your team, you’ll definitely want to tune in to this section!  (07.13 – 39.15)

  • So where are you building momentum right now?

As we keep saying, momentum is critical in getting past the Tipping Point!  Sue has been clearing the decks, letting go of anything unnecessary in order to release space for new opportunities as she launches her new leadership development programme… and the universe has responded in its own, inimitable, way! 

Sherry is taking some time out for R&R over the holiday season, but is also looking ahead to her autumn schedule and the launch of her LinkedIn Challenge in September, as well as her Career Confidence Masterclass which takes place in the autumn. (39.16 – 46.07)

  • How have you been inspired this week?

Sue’s new programme is shaping up in an unexpected range of directions, with every discussion she has, and she’s really excited by the unfolding possibilities. Sherry has been inspired by a meeting with Tough Love’ a new start-up specifically focussed on helping companies to develop their Customer Service. (46.08 – 51.15)

What else or what next?

Sue recommends ‘Shift Your Mind: Shift The World’ by Steve Chandler, a guide to becoming fearless and achieving fulfilment. Sherry reflects on the earlier discussion, celebrates our differences and concludes “I’m just going to be me”.  Wouldn’t want it any other way! (51.16 – 52.35)

Mentioned on the show and other useful links

  • To find out more about the Customer Intelligence firm ‘Get Tough Love’ click here.
  • More information about the New Entrepreneurs Foundation for young entrepreneurs, is available here.
  • We also talked about Shift Your Mind: Shift The World by Steve Chandler – a guide to becoming fearless and achieving fulfilment.

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 “The Tipping Point:  The time at which a change or an effect cannot be stopped”